CALTCM Excellence in Care and Innovation Award

For Exceptional Leadership and Outstanding Contributions to Excellence and Innovation in Long Term Care

Chaim Raskin
Chaim Raskin is responsible for leading Beecan Health’s vision in being a premier-quality health system in the Post-Acute care continuum. Chaim drives the vision of quality outcomes through his belief in a people-first approach.  By providing for the staff and attracting people who care, Beecan Health becomes known as a preferred employer and delivers quality outcomes.  Prior to establishing Beecan Health, Chaim spent 15 years in real estate and finance. 

Chaim received his Nursing Assistant certification this past year which allowed him to assist on the front lines during the pandemic. Chaim is passionate about his love for people and is highly active in his community. Chaim serves on several local nonprofit boards, including President of YKLA, a local day school. He is a driving force in the school’s incredible growth, taking it from 20 to over 300 students in under 8 years.