COVID-19 Webinar Series


COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds

This is a webinar series hosted by CALTCM on SELECT Monday's at 4:00pm.  Join us to understanding of the risks from COVID-19, the measures needed to protect residents and employees, review basic infection prevention and control measures, what to do when someone tests positive, and more.  Each webinar will have time for audience Q&A.  Registration is free and required.  Recordings of past webinars are available below. 

Upcoming COVID-19 Webinars: Mondays at 4:00 – 5:00 pm ~ Pacific Time (Schedule below)

  • August 10
  • August 17
  • August 24
  • August 31
  • September 14
  • September 28 
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Recorded Webinars

July 27, 2020
Stump the CALTCM Team: Ask the Experts
COVID-19: CALTCM Rounds 07272020
Handouts 07272020

July 13, 2020
Leadership During COVID-19
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 07132020
Handouts: 07132020

June 29, 2020
COVID-19 Best Practices: Real Stories, Real Solutions
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 06292020
Handouts: 06292020

June 15, 2020
Why Can't I Leave My Room? Dementia Care During COVID-19
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 06152020
Handouts: 06152020

June 1, 2020
How a Nursing Home Doc Ended Up on the Rachel Maddow Show: 
Creating a Voice for LTC in the Media and Government
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 06012020
Handouts: 06012020

May 18, 2020
Scared Staff? Let's Build Resiliency Together
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 05182020
Handouts: 05182020

May 11, 2020
Hot off the Press: What We Know Now
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 05112020
Handouts: 05112020

May 4, 2020
Unlocking the Front Door
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 05042020
Handouts: 05042020

April 27, 2020
Deprescribing & Treatment Updates
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 04272020
Handouts: 04272020

April 20, 2020
CALTCM Triple Aim: PPE, Testing & Training
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 04202020
Handouts: 04202020

April 13, 2020
Advance Care Planning in PALTC: Even More Vital Now
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 04132020
Handouts: 04132020

April 6, 2020
Preparing for the Next Wave
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 04062020
Handouts: 04062020

March 31, 2020
COVID-19: The Use of Telehealth in Long Term Care During the Pandemic
COVID-19: The Use of Telehealth in Long Term Care During the Pandemic 03312020

March 30, 2020
COVID-19 Preparing for the Marathon: Pausing to Care for Ourselves and Our Team
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 03302020
Handouts:  03302020

March 25, 2020
Crisis Management
Crisis Management: 03252020
Handouts: 03252020

March 23, 2020
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 03232020
Handouts: 03232020

March 16, 2020
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds
COVID-19: CALTCM Weekly Rounds 03162020
Handouts: 03162020

March 9, 2020
COVID-19: What Nursing Homes Need to Know
COVID-19 What Nursing Homes Need to Know 03092020
Handouts: 03092020

Webinar Guests, Moderators, and Panelists

Pat Latham Bach, PsyD, RN
Clinical Gero/Neuropsychologist;
Past President, Psychologists in Long Term Care
Flora Bessey, PharmD, BCGP
Consultant Pharmacist
CALTCM, Wave Associate Editor
Anthony Chicotel, Esq.
Staff Attorney,
California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CAHNR) 

John Gardner, MBA, LFACHE, NHA
Executive Director, Triad Leadership Group
Former CEO, Victoria Care Center, Ensign
Certified Coach/Trainer, John Maxwell Team

Swati Gaur, MD, MBA, CMD
Geriatrician, Gainesville, GA; Medical Director of New Horizons;
Nursing Facilities, Northeast Georgia Health System;
CEO, Care Advances Through Technology
Dolly Greene RN, BSN©, CIC
Infection Prevention & Control Resources
Expert Stewardship
Jay Luxenberg, MD
Chief Medical Officer, On Lok
CALTCM, Wave Editor-in-Chief
James A. McKinnell, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA; Infectious Disease Clinical Outcome Research Unit (ID-CORE), Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA
Allison McGeer, M.D., FRCPC
Microbiologist, Infectious Disease Consultant
Dr. Deborah Milito, PharmD, BCGP, FASCP
Director of Clinical and Consultant Services - LTC Division/Chief Antimicrobial Stewardship Officer Diamond Pharmacy Services; Chair ASCP Antimicrobial and Infection Prevention and Control Committee
Member ASCP COVID 19 Task Force
Samar Raza, MD, FACP, SFHM
Corporate Medical Director
Cassena Care, New York
Michael Schrieber
Managing Member and VP of Strategic Planning
Cassena Care, New York
Lisa Seo, MD
Palliative Medicine; Supportive Care Clinic
Mercy Medical Group, Inc.
Karl E. Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
President-Elect, AMDA: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine
Chief Medical Officer, Mariner Health Care
Past Chair, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
Michael Wasserman, MD, CMD
President, CALTCM,
Medical Director, Eisenberg Village,
Los Angeles Jewish Home