Membership Benefits
  • Networking Opportunities: Network with other long-term care associations and professionals at live meetings and online. Website access to long-term care educational events, important legislation, related long-term care organizations and other useful industry and regulatory links.
  • Leadership Development: Opportunities to set the agenda for educational programs, development efforts, and long-term care advocacy efforts. You can help to develop and market clinical tools, or promote CALTCM and its membership by participating on a Committee.
  • Practice Management Tools: Access to our newsletter, website, and CALTCM's continuously growing network. Examples include clinical practice guidelines, practice management tips, medical record and medical direction forms, and improved reimbursement strategies, among others.
  • Performance Improvement Training & Education: Invitations to seminars and dinner meetings for updates on therapeutic agents and other topics of interest for treatment of long-term care patients. Our educational content is interdisciplinary and accredited by multiple disciplines; it reflects cutting edge reviews, new trends and best practices, policy, legal and ethical issues, and practice management.
  • Discounts: Receive discounts to our CME programs and events.
  • Patient Care Advocacy: Opportunity to raise awareness and to advocate for vital long-term care issues, such as patient safety, reimbursements, Medicare, and Title VII legislation. Help to lead change in cutting-edge issues such as culture change, patient-centered care, and transitions of care.
  • CALTCM Annual Meeting Syllabus:  Exclusive access to select CALTCM annual meeting syllabi (PDF presentations). (Continuing education credits are only offered at our live events.)
  • CALTCM Wave: You will received our electronic newsletter to keep you informed and up to date on what’s going on in statewide long-term care.